Input channel setup, first time user

Am unable to get input and output channels properly set up. Using Audient iD44 interface on a Mac…just too dense to figure it out, I suppose. Have Audient set up in VST Audio System, not sure how to set VST Quick Controls. Inspector indicates “All MIDI Inputs” but shows no outputs…assistance appreciated!

You should be able to see every track’s output on top of the mixconsole section. Click on “routing”.
You also may want to consider switching to your interface’s input routing rather than “All Midi Inputs”. The latter will possibly allow other unwanted outside midi signals to control your instrument devices although you can control or filter which midi signals you want to come through while in the “All Midi Inputs” mode.


I don’t know the Audient iD44, but it looks like a very good interface. With a little set-up and checking, it should work very well.

You can edit your forum “signature” to include some basic system info and it will help users answer your questions.

Perhaps this will help you:

Don’t get frustrated. This stuff does work! :slight_smile: You’ll figure it out. Post other questions if things don’t click.