input channel strip width too narrow C7.0.5

A recent update to C7-64 to 7.0.5 has broken my ability to control the MR816CSX hardware using the MixConsole. See attached image.
MR816CSX is using driver MR_V174_Win64. The word HARDWARE at the top of the MixConsole reads HARDV. The width of the input channel strips do not appear to be variable. The contols are truncated too. This makes it impossible to assign the hardware compressors to the pre/post positions using the MixConsole. This issue is new to 7.0.5 and worked as required in previous updates.

I also submitted a support request for advice or corrections.
Please advise of any known work-arounds.

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oops. just adding reply notification.

I don’t have this problem !!!

don’t like the small hardware strip though

I received a prompt reply from support. It seems within the MixConsole using H/G keys will zoom In/Out. Problem solved.

Hopefully in the next release they will auto-scale the conrol widgets using % of available space rather than hard coded width or pixels.

Thanks go out to the support folks. Time to jam?

I was going to say that but thought it was too obvious to mention so didn’t want to insult you… :smiley: