Input doesn't want to connect to ASIO driver

Hi there !

I’m quite a noob with Cubase, for now I tried to get everything to work, but there is one thing I’m not able to do right now.
I noticed that whenever I tried to play a sound with a Midi track, there was simply no sound. I think I found where the problem came from : there is no audio input connected.
So I went to the audio connexions and tried to connect my ASIO driver to the input but it doesn’t want to apply it, like whenever I try to clic on it, it does nothing.
From this point I didn’t find any solution on the internet so I thought maybe someone here could help me :slight_smile:

Wrong !
You must check and eventually setup up the output section.
Also (before) you must activate the output in the “device setup” appropriate tab.

Go To Studio -> Studio setup…-> VST Audio System first and define your hardware.

Then go to Studio -> Audio connections… to connect hardware to software