Input dynamics/performance techniques in several places at the same

Hi everyone again! I’m sure I have skipped this information from the tutorials… I assume it is possible to input the same dynamic, performance technique, etc. in several points of the score at the same time, but I don’t find how… both with the panel or the popover it only applies to one point when I select different notes. Thanks!

You can extend the caret (shift-down arrow) :wink:

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Thanks, Marc! I didn’t mean that, I expressed myself ambiguously, sorry.

I mean if I wanted to introduce a dynamic, technique, etc. that do not occur at the same time, but at different points in the score, even on the same instrument. For example, I would find practical if I could input all pizzicati indications of the score at once, or all mezzoforte on the entire page I’m working on.

A trick that I use all the time is Alt-click (on Mac you’d call it Option-click). That places a copy of whatever you have selected.


Wow, thanks! This is gonna save me lots of time!! :slight_smile: