Input Filter Low Cut Bug


i noticed that when i load a project, the input filter low cut on a channel seems to be on(at least it is set), put it actually isn’t working.

For exmaple, if a channel has the input filter low cut on 200Hz, you can see the curve, but the audio is still not filtered, only if you move the filter a little bit it turns on.
This is a major bug obviously since it affects every channel…

Sorry if this was posted before but i couldn’t find anything!

Yep this is an old bug they ignore to fix. It starts working when you touch the lo cut knob in the channel settings.
Been like this since the new mixer came to be. Also thethe pre gain automation dissapears when you drag it to infinite value. The prefilter section is useless. I wouldnt hold my breath

What? I am always using it and I just opened a project and it is working correctly, no need to touch any settings.

Here everytime I wirte automation for lo cut it doesnt pickup- I have to open channel setings and touch the lo cut kob to star responding

I talked to the Steinberg support and sent a video of the issue and a project file where the issue happens everytime and they actually found the bug!
I took one week for them to find it and send me a bug number (CAN-20486). It should be fixed sometime in the next 2 updates.
Very impressed by the support!!

Yep thanks I also got a confirmaion.


it seems like the support never discovers any bug without users presenting a bullet-proof video. I am not so impressed tbh. Took them 2 weeks to accept a simple to reproduce issue by a step instruction just because I did not show it with a video. Once I did it was confirmed. Tired of always doing a TV show…
Within the next 2 updates then,uh? That means by end of 2019, close to the release of version 10.5?


I confirm this issue with low cut! It is very annoying thing. My projects has about hundred tracks and after loading it some tracks plays without low cut filter (although visually it seems active). Steinberg, please fix this problem!

Well here we are at 10.30 6 months later and this still isnt fixed. Splendid the really keep their word

Yes. The latest Cubase update doesn’t fix issue with Low Cut filter. It is very disappointing.

still present in 10.0.40. I guess we can forget about this one ever getting fixed :imp:

cubase artist 10.5.20 / mac os mojave

problem the same