Input for Slow Groove Prog "Concept" Rock/Soundtrack Welcomed

I’ve been working on this music composition for some time - remastering it on Cubase Pro 11 from the only remaining single .wav render from when I created 17 years ago. I lost the Cubase master project with all the original separate instrument tracks.

I played, re-recorded and/or added instrument tracks such as keys, bass, drums and background fx. So it’s been a bit tricky to do for these have to be subtle enough to not overwhelm the original single file render track.

While this is a YT video, there only a still placeholder image of the Ukranian flag because I am not satisfied or finished with the accompanying video concept.

I have no illusions that this isn’t a top notch mix. I don’t like the use of compression especially for this kind of imperfect source material for it’s too easy to deaden the higher and mid range, but I did have to do some EQ cut of the highs for they easily get shrill.

If you have any simple suggestions on how to improve it – and/or what does work in it – this would be most welcome.

The music is slow-burn in that it starts out pretty quiet but builds over time to a crescendo. The genre could be loosely described as earlier Vangelis-ish film soundtrack with a small touch of Pink Floyd style “background story” fx, so a form of original progressive “concept” rock @ 50 BPM.

Last but not least:

I’ve uploaded it at YT for that’s probably how the final will be published (since it’s still a draft, it’s unlisted). I don’t have the means or ways to test how this sounds on various devices.

But since most people listen to music on smartphones and the like with earbuds or headphones, that would be best for I did some strategic panning here and there.

Let me know what device/s you used to listen to it.

Thank you.

CONNECTION (For Ukraine) – 3:55 min.


Very nice instrumental piece, very good atmosphere. I listened to this one with Yamaha HS8 boxes in a room that is not particularly treated to meet the standard of a studio. It sounds great, the basses are clean, the instrumental space is well distributed. Admittedly, depending on who is listening, it could surely have things here and there to improve, but for me, it’s excellent the way it is.

Very nice work!

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@Rene_L - Thanks for your complimentary feedback. It’s sometimes hard to gauge something one obsesses over for the tiniest details that the average listener wouldn’t notice. And as you said, perspectives will vary.

A Facebook friend who liked the music itself didn’t like the Floydian background
storytelling fx for she referred to it as “noise”… So for her, a distraction. She may have a point for the music may need to stand on its own without the enhancements. Pink Floyd stuff is kind of niche.

I could always do a redux version where I take all that out (though the intro part’s helicopter and jets would have to be edited out for a few bars and replaced with some slow instrumental build up to what is starting to happen at that point.

Something to consider, or not.

But my overall concern was the average quality of the musical mix itself for all I have is one computer, one DAW, a pair of Presonus Eris E5 speakers and an old Korg Trinity workstation, no fancy studio stuff.

Hopefully your positive reaction is one close to a possible general consensus.

Philip, I listened to this piece a few times and sincerely you shouldn’t change anything, the sound effects are effective and perfectly appropriate to the context of the piece. It sounds really great in my system. I like what you have achieved, I even wish it had lasted a little longer. But it’s perfect like that.

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A mighty cinematic track…sounds awesome,

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@Rene_L - Thanks for added comment. Funny you should mention that it could or should be longer. I had the same feedback from a veteran music producer who is a member of the Vegas Pro forum that I’m part of since that is the NLE I use for making videos.

I could lengthen it but I’m pretty burned out on working on it and will probably just let it stand as it is. He (nicely) accused me of “directoritis” as in an unhealthy obsession with improving the track, basically telling me to knock it off. I’m 99.99 % there.

@knmack681 - Usually I’m pretty good with words (writer’s genes) but you nailed what I was going for as the word “cinematic”. Why didn’t I freakin’ think of that?

So I used that term in my message to Global Citizen to see if there could be some place it could be posted – they did a massive fundraiser as #StandUpForUkraine on April 9.

I’m probably naïve and/or totally delusional in doing so, but figured I give it a shot.
But thanks for that key word. :slight_smile: