Input for UR12 how?

Hey, I’m totally beginner here, and my English is poor as well, but I have an important question;

So I’m just about to record my bass guitar with a UR12 steinberg external sound card and I wonder how the actual bass guitar is going to get into my computer?, Am I supposed to connect my bass guitar to the amplifier (Ampeg BA-108) and then put a line from the output into the steinberg UR12 andd then plug it into the computer? or am I supposed to connect the bass guitar directly into the steinberg and then into the computer? because the later one did I try but there’s not even a little blur in the recording channels when I play :frowning:

So please can anyone tell me if this is a software isssue such as a bad setup configuration or just that the input need more voltage? I don’t want to try the later one really because that feels kind of scary :confused:

Botrh is possible. If you don´t get no sound, you have not set it up correctly.

Okay this is awkward but the problem is solved, I just had to turn the “gain” wheel for input 2 :blush: