Input from keyboiard (piano)

I was expecting notes from C3 to be entered into the bass clef, and from C4 to the g-clef. However, it all ends up in the g-clef. It has to be manipulated manually to produce a readable score.
What am I doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong. This is how it’s designed. The standard sequencer method you’ve mentioned is simplistic and can’t allow for the complex kinds of situations Dorico is designed to handle, such as this:

Similar expectation here. I thought Dorico would split the piano part across the treble and bass staffs. If all the piano notes from both hands end up on the treble staff, what’s the most effective way to get the notes below Middle C to move to the bass staff? If there’s a straightforward way to do this, I guess it’s not a big deal. If one has to go measure by measure adjusting each note manually, not a practical approach for quickly capturing ideas composing.

Select the notes, and press alt-m or alt-n to move them to the staff above or below. I use this all the time for MIDI imports and it’s really quite fast. You can Ctrl-click to select multiple notes.

Improvements to MIDI are coming soon!

Thanks, Dan - that helps.