Input Gain Settings

I’m trying to figure out how to adjust input gain…the manual says" “On the MixConsole toolbar, click Racks and activate Pre (Filters/Gain/Phase) to show the Pre rack above the fader section”.

There doesn’t appear to be a button/menu marked “racks”. I’ve checked the toolbar settings to see if it’s hidden.

Other videos I’ve watched suggest inserting a gain plug-in: I can’t see that Cubase comes with one.

How do others set gain and fader trim?

Any advice appreciated.

Hey ieaston - you are on Cubase Pro?
If so - the instruction of the manual works. MixConsole-Toolbar - can you find it? Racks - can you find it? pre - can you find it?

It definitely works. You dont need any inserted plugin.

Cheers, Ernst

Hi Ernst,

I figured it out: I needed to open the mixer to full screen, not just the lower zone. Doh!



Great you found it!