Input gain

Hello, I have a UR22mk2 and when I set input gain to zero, well, I still have a -35 decibel signal input. Configuring the audio connections is basic. I plug in an electric guitar with active pickups. On the image you can see that I have a gain on input 1 which I am connected to and still a signal that goes there in input 2 while my audio track is in mono and in input 1 while the card potentiometer for input 1 is at 0 gain. There is something that escapes me or 'is it normal? maybe my card is dead? bad config?


W11 up to date
cubase 12 up to date
latest asio driver yamaha 2.1.5

A quick look in one of the documents says that the interface gain range for Hi-Z is:
“-0.7 dB – +53.3 dB”

The word “gain” implies change, not an absolute level. So I’m guessing that if you’re pulling the knob all the way to the left you’re actually not getting ‘absolute zero level’, what you’re getting is the lowest amount of gain / change which seems to be -0.7dB. If you turn it all the way to the right the gain is going to be +53.3dB.

So it looks correct to me.
But what do I know… I’m an idiot…

So your question actually is “why is there a signal on input 2 when I only have something connected to input 1”? Or is it “why do I still have a -35 signal on input one when the gain is at 0”?

I can’t understand why when I turn on my sound card the gain knob of one or the other input to zero and I still get the signal that appears as you can see in the picture. then while I am in mono 100% left there is still a signal in my cubase which passes through input R which is 100% right. The “mix” button on my sound card is 100% DAW

After having read these two quotes several times, I still don’t get on which input your guitar is connected to, sorry… :confused: So, seeing the UR22MkII specs, I guess it is on your second input as it’s apparently the only one with a Hi-Z capability.

The only thing sure is that any configuration of your audio track(s), whether mono, stereo, or something else, will NOT be reflected on the Input track channels you are showing with your screenshot, simply because these channels are directly and strictly dependent of what is coming from your UR22 in the input busses defined in the Cubase Audio Connections window, and located above any audio tracks in the audio signals path.

From which, I don’t get why you have added a stereo bus in your inputs as the UR22 actually just have two mono ones. I would remove this one or, at least, set it as Not connected, and see how things go from here, as a first move. Beside this, and as @MattiasNYC rightly said, setting your gain knob full left doesn’t guarantee that no signal will come in : the only reliable way to get no sound at all is to mute the involved Input track channel, as below :


I’m connected to input 1 but no matter imput, 1 or 2 it’s the same it’s the same, I tested. In the initial post in the 3rd line I explain that I am connected to input 1. The stereo out is automatically set and it does not interfere with anything and again, with or without it’s the same thing

So what is the actual signal on the other input, the one where your guitar isn’t plugged in? Is it an exact duplicate of your guitar signal? Doesn’t look like it on your screenshot though, it is actually quite louder.

this is what escapes me, I do not understand why while I am in input 1 gain 0% I have a signal input in input 2