Input is external, Monitor OFF, Output Internal -- Why is audio Render/export forced into real-time?

I made a post about this earlier, but now I understand the crux of the “issue” so re-posting/re-wording.

The problem:
– Cubase forces render in real-time when the input is external (output is internal), yet monitoring is set to OFF

The way it should work:
– Cubase should not force real-time render if the output is not routed externally and track monitoring is set to OFF.

The inconvenience:
– Since I am using a ‘tracking’ track with its input set externally and rendering the recording, I have to set its input to no bus before each ‘render/export’ operation so that I can have a fast render, then I need to set it back to its original input prior to tracking again.

Unfortunately this cannot be fixed that easily, it would require to rewrite the audio engine entirely. I believe we answered that in your other topic already.

The engine seems to fetch for the signal path in reverse, and what makes me think of that is because of this weird bug where the audio would go in reverse (or picked up at the wrong place) and get rendered along with the selected Events under specific circumstances.

Only the rewriting of the engine would permit to code it in such a way that it only uses the necessary signal path by taking into account the Monitor state.