Input latency increasing over time?

So over longer sessions, the input latency is slowly increasing. I’m sure it’s because of missed buffers…

I don’t have these issues with any other DAW programs at the same buffer settings, but I’m willing to deal with it somewhat in Cubase…

The question: How can I easily reset the audio engine to get everything back on track?

Cubase recalculated the latency every time you add a plugin, route or add tracks etc.
If you add plugins to your inputs the latency will naturally increase.
But hard to tell, as you don’t provide any computer and audiointerface details in your sig.

I’m not sure how hardware matters, but it wouldn’t hurt either.

Late 2013 iMac (3.4ghz i5), 32gb ram. RME Fireface 800, also happens with Saffire pro40 stack. Buffer set to 128.

If I just let Cubase sit there, eventually the total I/O latency will be 100+ms. It increases over time no matter what.

Digital Performer and Studio One do not do this on the same system ever. No clicks/pops or buffer under runs.

Did you activate any blacklisted plugins? Does this happen in an empty project? Are you on Mac OS 10.11 or lower? I don’t know an explanation, I’m just curious.

Just one, UltraChannel, and it’s not in the project.



Hopefully I satisfied your curiosity. :sunglasses:

Mostly! Now I wonder whether keeping the plugin blacklisted, or (a lot more likely) upgrading to Sierra would fix this. El Capitan is known to have audio issues.

Well I can’t upgrade to Sierra. I have a heavy reliance on some software that is not compatible yet.

The thing that gets me is that this doesn’t happen in any other DAWs that I know of on the same system.

So I did some research and I found that there are ways I can change my configuration to allow for upgrading to Sierra. I have done this now.

The issue has not yet popped up again, AND the GUI slow-downs are much less severe. I’m somewhat amazed.

I don’t think I can yet say that the input latency issue is fixed or not, but at the very least it has reduced in frequency. We’ll see over the next week or so if it happens again or not.

Hehe, good to hear!