Input level volume ?

Is there a way to “trim” input volume (too hot) to plugins
as for example a compressor? :question:

Or is it the only way to go through pre-gain
in the mixer or Channelstrip? :confused:



Select the audio you want to “trim”
Now above your timescale (if you have your info line enabled, in the left corner you have a knop for “set up window layout”) you see somewhere Volume, you can adjust it there.

Ok thanks! I´ll be testing :smiley:

There is no specific way to do that in the rack section. There are no input / output volume controls into or out of each slot in the inserts section. But sometimes there are level controls among the parameters of the plug-ins.

Oh yes that´s what I saw somewhere on Youtube, but in mostly Youtubes they have protols

I admit I should have explaind a little better why I posted this question. :sunglasses:

I did a BIG newbie mistake (again) when mixing, because the vocal was too low,
instead of lower all tracks, I went to vocal chanel strip and highed up the pregain. :blush:

The result was also that the compressor got to much volume and compressed everything to the bottom.
After this mistake I get back I changed back the pregain, and instead lower all tracks, and now all OK.
So my question was if I could do Input level volume on inserts in some other way, but now I now I can´t. :unamused:

Thanks to all for fast reply to a newbie :smiley: