Input levels in Cubasis


Looking for a little advice… I have a Rode iXY mic which works beautifully with Multitrack DAW, but when trying to record in Cubasis with it the input level is far too low. I can’t work out how to turn the input level up - the fader only seems to affect the output not the input.

It’s kinda making it impossible for me to use the app, as I don’t like the sound quality from the iPad’s inbuilt mic. Am I missing something really obvious?

Jena x

I have the same problem and have also posted a question.

For the present I use it by recording at as high a level as possible with all the mixer control as high as they can go. This gives some signal, I then normalize the track and that gives a good level. I am not sure what is happening re noise though. I think it would increase it, but am not noticing it much.


i have posted an answer in a similar thread. See:

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