"Input metering" clipping.

I was almost done mixing my track, then i realized that if i switch to “Meter Input”, the main output is clipping(not audiable). Does this have an effect on the final bounce? I tohught that since Cubase runs with 32bit-float, it would not affect the sound. Only if it is clipping while the meter options are set to “Meter post-pan” will it have an effect on the final bounce. Or am i wrong here?


It might affect plugins or external FX that are inserted prefader in the master bus and operate in fixed mode rather than floating point.

But if i dont have any plugins on the master fader it would not be a problem right?

No. Although we probably will probably once again have a thread about proper gain staging in a few minutes…

:b im not even sure i know that term.

Looks like you don´t… :wink: (Not to be taken personal…)

Google i smy friend i guess :slight_smile:

Or maybe as said, if you wait a little bit…

Maybe we can even start the Gain staging thread ourselves ;b

The mere act of writing that the thread may degrade into a conversation about gain staging probably saved the day :mrgreen:

Well, we´re in the Cubase forum - I do believe one of the “nice guys” one will come around, and discuss it all again for the 213th time. Since you can´t just tell people to google, read a manual or use a search function.

I always push my master fader all the way up, I get more headroom that way.