input metering post gain pot

Hey guys,

I am currently running N4 and soon (once i have the funds) will be upgrading to either to the latest Nuendo or possibly Cubase 8. I just want to clarify before I decide what to do.

Today I noticed that in the N4 manual it says that if you select “input metering” that channels meter should reflect the input level POST gain/trim pot but pre everything else. However, I tried this today and the metering still shows post fader even if I changed the gain/trim pot setting. However, the master out meter DOES reflect this.

For me its important becasue I like to do all my gain staging before I start a mix because at times I use particular pieces of hardware that have sweet spots at particular levels.
I noticed that if you switch to “post panner” metering it gives the correct metering but if you have things already inserted on that channel its no help.

Obviously the manual is wrong, OR, the manual is right and its a bug. If so, has this been rectified on the latest versions?


Hmmm, interesting madmuso…shall have to go back and check Cubase 6 which I was using previously.

On Cubase Pro 8 if you set the meter to “Input” the meter is indeed showing the signal pre-Fader but unfortunately it’s also showing the signal pre-Gain control…so still not a lot of use. The “Post Fader” setting works correctly, FWIW.

Be useful if someone can confirm this as It seems pretty dumb to me…and indeed contrary to the manual which says…

Meter Position - Input
If this option is activated, the meters show input levels for all audio channels and input/output channels. The input meters are post input gain.