Input Midi Channel


I´d like to specify the Midi In Channel on a Midi track.
Is there a way?

I only find it for the Midi Out.



If you want to make use of incoming MIDI channel information, set the output to ‘Any’. That way Nuendo passes all MIDI information on with the same MIDI channel information that comes in.

This is useful if, say you are using a master MIDI keyboard and recording a keyboard split on 2 different channels.

Note that Nuendo records the incoming MIDI channel in any case, but it resets the outgoing MIDI channel as set in the track, unless you use the ‘Any’ setting.

Hope that’s clear (always harder to write this stuff than use it…)

Setting up a MIDI track to only register incoming events from a certain MIDI channel is possible as well, it just works a little different from the output side of things.

For the track you want set the MIDI input channel click on the button “Input Transformer” in the inspector.
Choose “Local” to only set it up for this track, or “Global” for all MIDI tracks.

In the input transformer window click on the preset frame and choose “Channel Filtering” -> “PASS CH 3”.
Switch the module active by clicking on the tiny power button.

Now all events tagged MIDI channel 3 will be passed onto the track, all others will be ignored.