Input mixer cubase 6

I’ve been trying to adjust the record level for vocals on Cubase Elements 6. I’m using a Baby Bottle with a USB adapter. It’s going straight to the lap top, however the signal is too strong at times. How do I locate the input mixer or adjust my recording level?

Too strong as in peaking Cubase’s meter or as in too loud?

If it’s too loud, try turning down the channel fader or adjusting the channel gain down.

If it’s peaking Cubase’s meter, try the above as well.
If it’s still peaking after that, consult your USB adapter’s documentation for how to decrease the input level.

I’m trying to turn down the recording level. The input signal is too loud. There is no input channel. I cannot adjust the level that my microphone is recording at. I also tried to find the input mixer. Where is this located? How can I activate it?
Thank you

There isn’t one (in Cubase).

Cubase’s mixer is only for its internal processing. It can’t affect the level that the hardware puts out.

You can always pull down the fader on the audio track that you’re recording onto. This will lower the volume of the mic in your final mix.

What kind of USB mic adapter are you using?

This is a post about acoustic pitch feedback. I get no sound when I move a note vertically in the sample editor .Can someone help?

What version Of C6?

If your signal is causing a clip in Cubase then even if you have the input mixer this will not solve your problem. The signal has already been digitalised and cannot be corrected once in the digital domain!

You really need to attenuate the signal whilst still in the analog domain, either with an insertable “pad” from the mic or using a Pre-Amp with variable gain.

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