Input Monitoring / Added Latency

Hi everyone!
I was making some tests about an eventual change in my usual workflow when monitoring/analyzing guitar sounds prior to recording them in a session and I found this problem.

First of all: always used WaveLab for mastering/restoration/batch processing (let’s call the “usual” stuff) so I may be missing something in its behavior (even though I’m a Cubase user since 20+ yrs) when used to monitor in real time.

Basically I would like to monitor the input of whatever guitar routing I’m using in WaveLab.
What I’m noticing is an added latency when I:

  • monitor a track created in an audio montage
  • monitor through the input monitor button in the master section

I’m not having added latency only when I’m auditioning through the Live Input Rendering Windows (that is a direct monitoring). I don’t need to use direct motoring (that I could easily do in my RME mixer) cause I want to evaluate plugins/frequency response and listen through an instance of SoundID that I have in the playback processing area.

I’m using an RME HDSPe RayDat PCI interface, buffer set to 32/64 so I have something very low like 2/3ms of latency in my system. I usually do this exact thing in an empty track into cubase with its own monitor and of course I’m not having any issue at all.

So, am I missing something or for some reasons is that normal for WaveLab?

Thanks to everyone who want to join!

Use Cubase for this. WaveLab was not designed for low latency usage.

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Ok, I thought so!
Thank you!