Input notes with the mouse - IPAD version

Can you PLEASE give the ability to input notes with the mouse on the IPAD too? All owners of Ipad pro and Magic keyboard would be delighted. It would make it a perfect app.

Welcome to the forum, Eugenio. We don’t have any current plans to allow mouse input in Dorico for iPad, but we definitely want to make better use of the Magic Trackpad in future versions.

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Using the on-screen piano keyboard, or the Magic/Smart Keyboard, is much faster than dragging stuff about with the mouse would be.

For me, using the mouse would be better. In fact, I will not use Dorico for iPad until this feature is added. You see, I jump to a different staff with every note I write. That’s how I create my harmony. No need to explode anything. Having to constantly select a different staff and then use the keyboard for a single note would be way too cumbersome for me.


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You mean pressing the up or down arrow…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Doing that before every note would drive me crazy. I just want to add the notes to the staves that I see. Like in Dorico for Mac.


Do you have a MIDI keyboard? You know you can enter notes for several staves all in one go?

Is that also true for inputting notes and moving them with the pencil? I think that it would be an intuitiv to compose and an advantage in workflow on iPad.

Not for me. It also depends on what you are used to and where you work.

I am always on the go and work mainly in cars, trains, planes. The iPad Pro is very comfortable for working in these conditions, also thanks to its battery.

Working with the trackpad and adding the keyboard functions missing in the iPad version would make work much faster. Much more than touching the screen and even writing with the Apple Pencil.

Tablets are now computers. I understand implementing functions for the touchscreen but why remove those for the mouse and keyboard?

When Dorico implements all this things I will definitively throw away the PC :laughing:

I’m perfectly agree with you. We are in the same situation.

Eugeniopalumbo, I knew I couldn’t be the only one. Great.

When I compose into my orchestra template in Dorico for Mac (or PC), I do old-fashioned 4 or 5 part writing. The computer screen is my paper, and the mouse pointer is my pen. I’ve never used a midi keyboard (not successfully), although I have a few collecting dust. This works well for both homorhythmic (choir style) and homophonic (melody and accompaniment) music. The music, the chords, they come out of my head, out of my brain, and not my fingers. It serves me well. That’s why I want to use the Apple Pencil to input notes into Dorico for iPad.


Yes, and it would be even better if a Split point could be set for the on-screen keyboard.