Input or Mixer panel for recording into N4?

Please help this Newbie to Nuendo. I’ll be more than happy to clarify anything I’ve left out or misrepresented to try to understand better. I’ve played guitar for nearly 50yrs and messed with sound reinforcement and anaolg recording during that time a lot, but been away from it due to day job for many years. I know I’m really missing something here in my attempts to go from minimal experience recording/mixing in purely analog to going digital.

I really have read the manual inside and out and I know I’m not getting something (likely a lot of basic things!) Right now I can only do this as a partime avocation and love but once I retire, my studio will be finished and be my sole source of income (I hope) in 2-6 years. So I don’t spend enough consistent time to be real knowledgable yet…real slow and steep learning curve!

I have recorded 13 raw tracks on my HD24 on a remote gig. Here at home the HD24 tracks are patched through my Lynx Aurora 16 into N4 program Audio channels (48.1Hz|24bit and clocked with Big Ben). I have Control Room activated in Nuendo for monitoring. I want to proceed with line leveling the incoming signals to “tape” as I normally would with a normal analog setup. (I think I get it that headroom is just as important with 24bits as with analog and want to maximize this.)

Problem is, I can’t figure out which view to use in the Mixer Panels…Input or Mixer. It seems that when I use both together, there is an additive dB level going to tape (Unless somehow I’m judging by output bus routing and not just tape but I don’t think so?)
Furthermore, the manual seems to indicate that the only use for the Gain knob is FX wet/dry (even though it works for gain of incoming signal? And why doesn’t the Mixer panel show clipping which only seems to be on the input panel channels? And what about unity gain in DAWS?

My intuition is to hide the Input Audio Channels and use the Audio Channel Mixer panel for recording/editing/mixing, (using the stereo out output Buss level for clip indication.) This seems right to me considering these channels have the solo and record functions and the Input Channels don’t…

So what is the function, if this is correct, of the Input channel panel?
What am I missing here? I hope I’ve given enough info for someone to make sense of my dilemma and be able to get me up to speed here.


that’s what i do. we run n5 at 32 (or 64) buffer setting so use the auto monitoring mode ‘tapemachine style’. this way what we see in the audio channels reflects exactly what’s happening at the input stage.

we never have to adjust the gain control at the top of the channel.

regarding the extra gain you’re seeing i suspect it’s the way you have the control room setup. it sounds to me like you’ve doubled up the outputs.

this post from the old forum might help:

Hello again Max

[/quote]regarding the extra gain you’re seeing i suspect it’s the way you have the control room setup. it sounds to me like you’ve doubled up the outputs.

You nailed it! I had the output bus connected as well as the control room. Great link to that old post. I’ve put in on my desktop for when I inevitably get lost.

I used the gain to bring up a poorly recorded bass track for extra headroom in case I need it. Turns out I really didn’t.

Thanks for the reply and validation.
Can’t thank you enough…enjoy the holiday! jp