Input/Output Channels

What is this thing, why is it there, why would I need it, how do I get rid of it?

This is new to be as of my 10.5 update and I do not understand the purpose of it.

I made a custom template and thought I got rid of this dang thing, but it keeps showing.

What thing…? :unamused:
Input channels? To get audio into Cubase…
Output channel? To get audio out of Cubase…

LOL. It’s a new thing that appears in project window now.

Most likely you are talking about the folder track “Input/Output Channels”.

  1. select the folder
  2. right-click on it
  3. then choose “Hide Selected Tracks”.
  4. You can save your template again, it shouldn’t show it.

If you are talking about Audio connection ( F4), I guess you know it that is for routing physical connection!
for hiding input and output channel in mixing console simply change the filter.

THANK YOU. The “HIDE” did it… the REMOVE i was doign beore, did not. Thanks! I have hidden it and saved my tempalte.

What is the purpose of this input/output channels folder track???

Good question! Let’s see what use cases can folks offer.

Isn’t that how I automate the master fader? I think so.

That is right and other things in the inspector. If you don’t want to automate you can also try this.