input / output issue HELP

Hey Guys, first of all i’m french so sorry if my english is kind a weak.

Im trying to get my usb headset as my output and my Scarlett 2i2 as my input!
ive been able to setup my usb headset in cubase but how can i get the Scarlett
back as an input ! its look like i can’t get these two work together
anyone have an idea ?!



You can use one device only as an Input and Output Device (if there is no multi-client ASIO, which is not the case most of Audio Devices). Connections your headphones to the Audio Devie directly, please.

I’ve wondered about things like USB headphones, monitor, and mics. How are you supposed to use them?

Or their made for really small setup or something?

Seems like I’ve heard of people using more than one device with Asio4all but I prefer the drivers that came with my hardware.

I just stay everything old school.

Yes, ASIO4All emulates the multi-client ASIO behaviour. I also prefer the real driver.

Hi ! ive been able to use my USB headset on cubase with ASIO ! but when i use my USB headset its only for editing not recording ! it work well.