Input/output Routing with URC44 & DAWs

Hi all,

I haven’t been able to get any audio output from input 1&2 when run through a DAW (I’ve tried ableton, bitwig, and reaper so far…). Output works fine when I just use the DSP mixer. Outputs 3-6 work just fine with every DAW. I’m guessing that it has do to with how the audio is routed for outputs. I’m still pretty new to audio routing and I can’t make sense of how to reconfigure things properly.

Here you can see that the audio output is routed through 1&2. This doesn’t make much sense to me though because I have the audio output going through the main LR output. I also don’t see an option to select “main LR output.” I’ve also tried to change the output to 5&6, for example, but that has no effect.

I’m at a loss, totally confused… I appreciate any input and suggestions. Thank you!

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