I am using Cubase 5 never used any home recording software cant seem to get the output to play through my speakers (behringher truth 82031) . I am using a behringer uca222 interface and its been found on the in put and out put device options on Cubase but still no playback. when recording the levels are moving so its definite
ly found the interface just don’t know how to get it to play out.

please someone help :smiley: :smiley:

1st thing that comes to my mind, is on each audio track in Cubase, to the upper left area of the main Arrange Window, what do you have on each tracks Input/Output? You should have an Output selected there.

  1. Check which driver you are using: Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System
    Should be ‘Steinberg ASIO’ (or something like that, NOT ‘Generic Low Latency’ or ‘DirectX’)
  2. Check how Cubase is connected to your hardware: Devices > VST Connections.
    If required add busses here (see your Cubase Quick Start Guide for details)
  3. Check track outputs (as recommended by Qbass-007)

Little correction: it shouldn’t be Steinberg ASIO but the Behringer ASIO driver. This should be on the CD that came with the audio interface or on Behringers website.

Thanks for correction! Somehow when OP wrote ‘uca222 interface’ I read ‘UR22 interface’ (and skipped ‘behringer’ completely). I’m really getting old. :unamused:

I know, I had the same problem when I first skimmed the OP :wink:.
It’s funny, I started out with a uca222 as well. Can’t fault it for that price.