Input / Outputs

I have attempted to find this solution before placing it here, but I’ll do the best to explain. I am attempting to figure out how to use the input and outputs for different usage. I have my studio monitors as my general ASIO drivers, but am trying to record guitar using my BOSS Katana 50. Cubase is only letting me use one or the other, so if I am attempting to record guitar, the audio will also play through my Katana which of course causes a muddy sound when attempting to record, but if I have it set to the General ASIO then I cannot record using the Boss Katana. Is there a way to use multiple drivers in different inputs/outputs? Apologies if this came off confusing, I am just trying to figure this part out. Thank you in advanced.

Hi and welcome,

If you are on Windows, ASIO4ALL might help. Here you can “glue” multiple devices/drivers to one and make a routing.