Input position in timecode mode?

I’m wondering if this behavior of “input position” (shift-P) is controllable? In timecode display mode, it pops up on the “minutes” digits, not “hours”. Is it possible to get it to pop up on hours instead of having to back left-arrow to get to the hours digit?

Also, why does Nuendo show timecode as with dots instead of 1:25:23:09, or “;” for drop frame? Is this a European convention? Controllable in preferences somewhere?



strange, on our rigs timecode is displayed correctly


29.97 drop frame

as to the other issue i think most post users find that they use the minutes field far more than the hour field. ultimately the best fix for this would be to have user-definable preference for the default numerical field to be of their choosing.

Ah, it turns out the . notation is for the .98 and .94 frame rates. I wasn’t aware that was a convention.

And I agree on the preference for hours vs minutes. Or even better, just default to the last field clicked in.