Input problem -43.9db ??!!

Hi guys, i just recently bought a motu ultralite mk3 hybrid… Now i have my synth connected to analogue 3-4 stereo and i created an audio track which has the inputs as 3-4 analogue… Now when i monitor I receive full sound… But when i record the signal is -43.9dB and i can not hear anything in playback (i need a compressor pumped to the max to hear the recording)
In the screen shot i am holding down a key on my synth… on playback audio track 2 reads the same signal…
I will remind you guys that when i monitor the sound it is definitely louder than the signal shown on cubase.
Any help would be great,
Stereo in problem.png

I notice you don’t have the monitor (small speaker icon) activated.

I can hear sound when monitor is activated, but during playback (monitor off) i can not hear anything

So if you enable monitor on the audio track, the meters in the input track also show more signal?
That’d be REALLY weird.

Are you toggling the track meter between reading pre and post?
Do you need to adjust the channel input gain?
Search the term “gain staging” on youtube and follow through with a tutorial.
Also, show a screen shot of your Ins and outs in VST connections.

No, the meters in the input track stay the same when enabling monitoring.
When i monitor my sound card (Just before it gets sent to PC), the signal is good. Just for some reason Cubase is receiving a shitty signal…
Ok i also added a screen shot of how much compression i have to add on cubase for me to get a proper signal, as you could imagine its really distorted and i shouldnt have to add compression at all
VST outputs.png
VST inputs.png

Sounds like a routing issue in your motu driver.

I notice that the audio track being recorded is routed to “Stereo out” which according to your Vst outs screenshot, is connected to the SPDIF outputs. Should the track not be routed to “Stereo Out 2” which is connected to your analog outputs? I notice also that your SPDIF Outputs are defined as your default outs (red speaker icon) - is this what you want?