Input Punch In/Out

I’ve created a couple of key commands for:

Transport - Enter Punch In Position
Transport - Enter Punch Out Position

But cannot get them to work. Nothing happens. Conversely, my key command for:

Transport - Enter Project Cursor Position

works as expected: Primate Time Display is highlighted so I can input location.

So what am I doing wrong or what is supposed to happen when I trigger the Enter Punch In/Out Position commands?


Jist for the test, could you try to disable Transport from the Lower Zone of the Project window, and hit your Key Command again, please?

Been searching, but cannot find how to disable the Transport from the lower zone. How to do this?


In the right-top corner of the Project window, there are these new 3 buttons for the left-bottom-right zones On/Off. On the right side of these buttons, there is the arrow. Click on it, and disable Transport here.
Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 10.24.44.png

Thanks. Did this but still not working. :frowning:

So what is the status now? Can you send a screenshot, what happens, when you click to the button?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. The Button you showed me did indeed get rid of the transport at the bottom of the screen. My key command for

Transport - Enter Punch In Position
Transport - Enter Punch Out Position

Still do not work. Does nothing. Can you please assign a key command and let me know what it does on your system?

They do nothing until I expand the punch in/out fields in the lower transport panel.

But it stops working if I open the legacy floating transport panel, even after I close it. I have to re-expand the punch in/out fields, I think. Weird stuff.


OK, confirmed. You have to make the Punch In Position display visible, to be able to enter the Value. In Cubase 8.5, it also had t obě expanded and visible, to be able to enter the valu. But, if the Transport Panel was hidden, and you hit the KeyCommand, the Transport Pabel appears.

Actually, this alrea is really shaky. When you keep the Punch In/Out Position displays open, and disable PunchIn, and then re-enable the Punch In back, the Punch In Position KeyCommand doesn’t work again. You have to hide/show the displays.

I will report a bug out of it.

Thanks to you both. Should work like Input Cursor Position: key command, input measure #, enter.