Input rest on Perc kit instrument

I want to add a single quarter note rest at this point (Tom 2 in the kit), so with these settings

I get this result

Is that sensible? I don’t follow what Dorico is doing.

I also tried moving the Tom 2 line rhythmically over a quarter, but that gives equally odd results. What aren’t I understanding? It doesn’t seem to work the same way it does for a non Percussion kit.

You could try temporarily changing your kit display to individual single-line instruments and putting a quarter rest in the tom part, but you are right: percussion does not work as other instruments do. The Dorico Team is aware of this and is working on this situation.

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If you don’t want the triplet quavers in that first beat anymore, just delete them.

If you want to show a quarter note rest in addition to the triplet quavers, you could try inputting the relevant rests/notes whilst showing the kit in the single-line staff presentation, to make sure the fundamentals are correct before showing the consolidated presentation (as Derrek suggests too).

I believe there are a few little corners in relation to Insert mode and tuplets - unless you really need Insert mode here, i.e. you want to push subsequent material back at the same time as adding the rest - I’d suggest trying without it. Or doing it manually - insert a beat into just that voice, which should result in an extra rest anyway.

Yeah I want to keep the existing notes, just push over, so temporarily going single staff (Layout Options - I assume there’s not another way to do it) made it work as expected. Thanks!