Input Routing setting

Hello. For some time I have a problem with Cubase 10 PRO, exactly with “Input Routing” in the Inspector menu. By default, this field is set to “All MIDI inputs”. As a control keyboard I use Roland FA-06. I also have several VST plugins installed, such as Spire or SynthMasterOne. Several times it happened that when I pressed random keys on Roland or on any other keyboard, the sound would hang, freeze. It was so on the VST plugs, and recently even Roland hung up when I had a MIDI track. I noticed that the problem disappears when instead of setting “All MIDI inputs”, I will choose a specific keyboard. Does every time I add a new track, I have to manually indicate what keyboard will control it? Is it possible to change the default setting in the “Input Routing” field? Thank you! :slight_smile: