input ruler in 12/8 time

Just to let you know, the input ruler in 12/8 divides the beat into 4 parts not 3.
thanks, keep up the good work,

Just to let you know, this is not true…
You might want to add a picture to show us the problem you’re experiencing ! And add some details : is your file an XML import or Dorico from scratch, what is is that you’ve done to get that result ?

And do not forget we really try to help you here !

Happy New Year :wink:
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Hi Marc,
The untitled.png attachment is a screen shot. I’ts not an XML import, it’s all Dorico. I’ve been trying to attach a dorico file, but the message board doesn’t accept the file extension. So I changed it to piano.png. Rename to piano.dorico and give it a try. Unfortunately I’ve done a lot of things to it so it’s hard to say just when the problem started although I think it was pretty early in the process. Maybe something having to do with the first flow being unmetered?
Thanks for your help. If what I’ve given you doesn’t help I’ll spend some more time trying to recreate it from the beginning. Just let me know.
Seth Turner

Have a look in the down left corner. You have dotted 16th as grid value, set it to 16th or 8th. Does this do the trick for you?
Dorico files must be zipped before attaching.

thanks LAE, I’m sure that’s the problem.