Input sample

What is the best way to input


The only way I found was

but it seem unnecessarily advanced.

I tried with the C in voice 1 (and removed rest in voice 2) but then the tie would not stop.

Any suggestions? TIA.

You can enter the first G and C in upstem voice1 and the second two Cs in downstem voice 1. Then select both the lower voice Cs (which are in different voices) and hit T to tie them.


Thank you. I did not know of the “select 2 notes”, but just pressed T (and hoped for the best…)

We do try to help (see the options in step 1) :slight_smile:

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I tried the suggested method (selecting 2 notes of the same pitch) for


but it will not tie as below


Any suggestion? TIA.

See the Voices page of Notation Options:

It did not solve the tie, I’m still unable to tie the Gs.

Select the half note, Command-click the destination note, hit T.

Exactly what I did (and do), and nothing happens.
I will post you the Dorico file in ‘DM’

In Write mode, choose the stem of the half note. The CTRL/CMD+Click the tie ending note and press T.

By the way, when you write the passage tied this way, you do not want the second G eighth note to sound, right?

Selecting stem = selecting note? When I click the stem the entire note is selected and CMD-click the G and then T results in no tie.

(I’m copying an old score so I don’t know what the composer intended. Notes side by side might be more clear, but I’m open for suggestions on a more modern style.)

You can’t tie a note to another note that starts midway through the first note. It doesn’t make any sense to Dorico and it really doesn’t make a great deal of sense to a human being. You could select the stem of the first triplet G (to explicitly select the triplet G rather than the half note G that is at the same position) then hit T to tie it. You’d then probably need to switch to Engrave mode to grab just the tie and hit F to flip it.

Excellent. That is probably what they had in mind;

Not sure how to interpret it, as you write, but, at least it is a verbatim reproduction of the old score (minus the overlap).

See Daniel’s instructions on how to fix the overlap, posted a few hours ago further up the thread.

Yes, I tried it. It works fine. The editor will need to decide which representation to use, and what any tie would mean.