input selection for fx channels

Hey guys,

I have been using Nuendo for some time now.I am about to do some work at a studio which has a console and I want to use my DAW effects during mixdown. So i will patch the consoles sends to my converters inputs. My question is, is it possible to assign your converters inputs to fx channels in nuendo. I had a look today and fx channels only have an “output” selection available, not an input selection box. Does this mean I have to insert the fx on a normal audio channel then select the desired converter input on that channel? Then also assign a spare converter output on the same audio channel to return to the console.

I hope im right! thanks guys,

Check out Extrenal Effects.


Hey Fredo,

doesnt “external effects” mean that you will be mixing a song IN THE BOX and using external outboard for effects.?
Thats not what I am trying to do. I want to do the opposite.

In our situation cubase will simply be a tape machine to playback the pre-recorded song, AND to be used as an effects unit itself.

So, during playback, we will be sending out every individual track from a song to the console for mixdown. I then want to be able to use the console’s sends to send signals to my software effects within cubase, then bring the effects return back out of my computer to a spare channel on the console. So essentialy cubase will be an effects unit. The consoles main stereo mix bus will then get recorded to a stereo track within cubase via converter inputs.

make sense?

Makes sense, but my guess is that -if you can get it to work- it will be a very complicated setup.