Input slashes without creating a new slash voice

This is most relevant to guitar parts but often I require a mix of slash notes and normal notes in the same bar. I can create a slash voice with Shift-Alt-N and enter my slash notes but then I have to delete the rests from both my normal voice and my slash voice using Edit -> Remove Rests. Is this the correct approach or is there a way to enter slash notes ‘in the same voice’?

The only way to avoid the rest situation is to use just the Up-stem voice but change the notehead to slashes.

Unfortunately, this will change all the notes at this rhythmic position to slashes and so you’d need to remove all noteheads except the B on the line, for it to look as you’d hope.

The only issue with this is the playback. You’d need to be happy to have playback supressed for this note.

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