input slur problem [Solved]

Hi fellow Doricians!

I noticed that, while it is extremely fast to input a slur from an isolated note to the next (select the note and press s), it is quite tedious to input a slur when the first note is in an interval or a chord, because clicking on it selects not only one but all the notes from that voice played at the same time. And pressing on s does NOT input the slur wanted to the next note.
I was wondering if that (inconsistent, from the user point of view) behavior could be changed, in order to make those inputs smoother — it is not easy to select only one note in a chord, and since the slur is not attached to a particular note, I really do not understand the logic in that.

Thanks in advance !


Isn’t that because the hot zone for noteheads is a bit wide atm, and it wouldn’t happen if you zoom in a bit? I seem to remember that Daniel mentioned that the hot zone will be optimized, so maybe a fix is imminent? BUT GENERALLY, yes, I do agree that even with all the notes in a chord selected, the slur should work identically to a single note selection!

Exactly, Fratveno ! No matter how wide is the hot zone, it should not change the behavior… That is some seconds lost each time, but sooooo many times that I thought it useful to report it here.

This has been fixed and will be in the next update. So selecting a chord and pressing s will create a slur, in the same way as it creates a slur when a single note head is selected.

Thanks András ! This update is sooooooo promising ! I cannot wait to download it !!!

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Indeed, now it works perfectly ! I have not seen it reported in the update notes, but it works as intended. Thank you. This update is really GREAT !