Input ..Start / Stop voice

Input …Start / Stop voice

I realize that it is possible to start / stop voice respectively at the very beginning or at the end of note input process !

Would it not be a good thing to have the possibility to assign «short cut» to both option ?

For now we have to use mouse and click into the «properties panel» that’s in fact slow down the flow of our work.

Might be also a good thing having this information along the caret like a smal letter «s» or «e» indication that it is Start or End of a voice.


Dorico is wonderful !

I recently asked the same question and got the following reply from Daniel:

The plan for accessing Properties via keyboard is to have a popover that allows you to type the start of the property you want, then jump straight to it. For some properties that are used more often, it probably makes sense for us to expose those properties as commands proper, as well.

I wonder if we will eventually have a popover that lets one type in a voice number, perhaps with an “s” or “e” to indicate start or end? It might even be triggered from the SHIFT+V key-combo.

Nice idea…