Input Switching Fault

Hey all

So i just upgraded to 10.5.10. Old Cubase 10.0.50 works fine. I open a project from a template created in 10.5.10 and can record playback midi without any issues. I presently use the mr816csx. If i record or playback something on a audio track it is fine …as soon as i change the input say from mono1 to mono3 the audio performance f12 goes crazy average load is peaked on any playback and stutters stops and freezes. I tried updating firmware to the mr816 including a factory reset…I reloaded 10.5.10…I reloaded drivers for mr816…Computer is a win 10 up to date and seems to be functioning ok and again I had no issues with 10.0.5…checkeck for viruses all ok…Can anyone help here??

Thanks George

Ok so tried reinstalling drives still ng but i disabled multi processing and it appeares to clear up …however in cubase 10.0.50 I have it enabled with no issues??? Are there problems with this new build ?? Am i going thru this for nothing? Should I delete and reinstall 10.5.10?? Anyone???


I deleted two vst’s on my hal 6 midi channel for Organ (blues split 1 &2) and problem went away on cubase 10.5.10. I went to cubase 10.0.50 where there were no issues and installed the same two vst samples Organ\Blues split 1 & 2 and there were no issues so I guess its a problem with cubase 10.5.10?

Anyone having these same problems???