Input Tansformer Bug or my wrong logic?

Hi @ all,

I am on Mac Version C6.0.3 64bit
Please look at this really simple attachement example (picture) Nr.1:

Shouldn´t the shown code combination filter both midi Controllers 5 & 68 ? Well in my case, if I re route the outgoing midi back into cubase with the help of the IAC Driver and use a midi monitor I can certainly see that this combination does only filter CC 68 but not CC 5. Did I do something wrong ??

Now look at this really simple alternative example (picture) Nr.2:

This one actually filters Controllers 5 & 68 very well, but it does also filter the note number 68 (which in this case is a g sharp in the middle of my midi keyboard) I can not understand why it does that.

Could somebody please explain why the input transformer does this or can this behaviour be considered as a bug??
Does somebody else experience the same behaviour on your system ?

thanks, lokotus

In the first example (1.png), try changing “Wert 1” to “MIDI-Controller-nr.”

The problem is that (unlike the Logical Editor or the Transformer Insert FX) the Input Transformer doesn’t have boolian parentheses, and you really do need to enclose the two “OR” conditions inside parentheses, for the “AND” to work correctly.
[EDITED] I think you should be able to get the desired result by activating two modules in the Input Transformer… one for “Type=Controller AND CC number=5”, and the other for “Type=Controller AND CC number=68”
I have requested parentheses for the Input transformer many times.

thanks a lot guys.

changing “Wert 1” to “MIDI-Controller-nr.” does not help, because cubase happens to randomly write “Wert 1” or “Midi Controller Nr” - its acutally the same for cubase but the word “Wert1” is sometimes/sometimes not updated correctly to “Midi Controller Nr” in the input tranformer.

I guess different modules would do it, but this is over complicating things if you want more than just 2 controllers to be filtered. Please add the boolian possibility to the input transformer …

Thanks, lokotus