Input tempo in a list?

Hey everyone - is there any way to input tempo changes in some kind of event list? In Logic, I found it was much more efficient to input tempo changes this way, rather then working with the tempo window.

I see, for example, that there is an Inspector window for the tempo track, but you can only edit existing tempo changes. Ideally, I’ve love to add a tempo change at the playhead, and then edit it’s value in the inspector or some other editor.

Any help?


Unfortunately, there is no tempo-list. The only one is in the Inspector, but you cannot insert a Tempo Event here, as you mentioned.

The following may be a partial solution…

  1. Create a Tempo Track in the Project window (this effectively duplicates the separate Tempo track Window)
  2. Make sure you have a Key Command for Transport>Nudge Cursor Right (and Nudge Cursor Left) . This will advance/backstep the Cursor by the current Quantize amount.
  3. Open The Project Browser, and select the Tempo Track.
  4. Use the key command, to navigate to the desired position. (make sure you can still see the main Ruler in the Project window, presumably partly hidden by the Browser :wink: )
  5. Click “Add” in the Project Browser
    A new Tempo event is created, where you can edit it as text.
  6. Use the key command again, to move on to the next desired position.
    Etc. :slight_smile: