Input tempo via midi keyboard is slow


in some of the threads here I have read colleagues being already faster with inputting music into Dorico than they are in Sibelius (excuse my bad English).
I must say, I am pretty fast in Sibelius too, but I can’t seem to get Dorico to respond as fast…
There might be a setting, which makes the program lag behind?
To me it seems, producing the playback sound whilst inputting via the midi keyboard is the bit, where it gets slow.
If I play f.e. fast repeated notes, the sound output would just not catch up (or I would even hear a sustained sound instead of a row of little notes).
I use Dorico verion 1.0.30
My computer is a Mac mini 3 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM. This should be fast enough, I guess.
I am running mac os 10.11.6 though.
Any help welcome.

This is a problem with the latency of when the note is echoed back to you, which makes it feel slow. This is because Dorico doesn’t know when you first play the note on your MIDI keyboard whether the resulting pitch should be, based on the transposition of the instrument, so it has to wait until the note has been input before it can sound it back to you, and it sounds it with a fixed length rather than the length you actually held the key down for. This will be addressed in the next update, and I think it’ll make the program feel a lot faster.