Input too high - hissing cubase 4

I recently bought a cheap desktop from amazon to replace the laptop that recently just stopped working. Using my behringer umc22 interface I got some very good quality recordings on the laptop. I plugged it into my new computer today, it’s a dell optiplex computer of some sort, it runs pretty good, quicker than the old laptop. The problem is that now the volume seems to be much higher than when using the laptop. On the laptop I’d have the audio input at about 3 quarters or almost full volume, I could hear what I was doing and it rarely clipped. Now it’s on a quarter volume and clipping massively. So once I added compression to the recordings there’s a lot of hiss because I guess it’s had to boost this audio massively. It’s hard to explain but it’s like someone just made it too loud and I can’t get nice clean recordings.
A friend of mine said it’s as though a plus 22db switch has been flipped but there is nothing on the interface or in cubase that I can find to undone this.
Does anybody have any suggestions or advice?


What is your source? Do you record via Microphone, or Line In or Hi-Z? Is the input switch to the correct signal level? (Hi-Z/Line/Pad)?

Can you see the clips? Are these clips audible even after export the file? Or can you hear it just while playback in Cubase?