Input Transformer - Chaining Multiple Event Targets

Is it possible to use the input transformer to filter out six different notes on six channels? I want to filter out open strings on my MIDI guitar: channel 1 E3, channel 2 B2, etc.
I entered all the conditions and applied (what I thought was) boolean logic:
channel 1 and
note E3 or
channel 1 and
note B2 or
However, that just filters the last note, passing the previous ones.

Any help is much appreciated.

You need to change your ANDs to ORs

As it is now a Note wouldn’t get selected unless it is both an E3 and a B2, etc

I need E3 and channel 1, or B2 and channel 2, or G2 and channel 3 and so on. So I need six pairs (channel and specific note), filtering all of the six pairs.

{Channel 1 and E3}
{Channel 2 and B2}
{Channel 3 and G2}

Here’s what I’m able to enter (in shorthand):
Ch 1 AND
Ch 2 AND
Ch 3 AND

It looks like it should work but doesn’t.

Without seeing the actual Preset I’m guessing that you need to add/fix how you have the Parenthesis arranged. It should be like your use of brackets above.

Actually, the brackets are available either in the Logical Editor or in the MIDI Transformer plug-in, but NOT in the Input transformer. Why so ? Ask the devs crew…

From which, and after having set the Transformer plug-in as MIDI insert for the involved MIDI/instrument track, I would set all this as following :

Be sure to set the operating option at the window bottom as ‘Delete’. Seems to work as expected, here…

EDIT : we still have a problem, as the MIDI Transformer plug-in, even if working in real time, doesn’t filter the notes eventually recorded, contrarily to the Input transformer, and I don’t see how to set it as a kind of MIDI pre-processing FX. From which, and if a recording is involved, there will be the need to do an added processing with the Logical Editor.

The main problem remains : why are the brackets not directly available in the Input transformer ? :thinking:

I’d never noticed that, and yeah it seems pretty odd.

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 21.58.23
The record output to track option, If you enable that it should filter the notes coming in to the timeline.

It is odd not having the parenthesis in the input transformer, has it always been this way before they refreshed the interface? Maybe there’s some kind performance reason… Or it’s considered that the 4 modules should be treated as 'AND’s? Could’ve sworn it was there before, but only have C12 on this machine.

My money is on this being a bug/oversight. Amazing no-one’s noticed it yet though!

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I was thinking about that – since it modifies real-time midi performance, it would be easy for it to add latency while calculating.

I just checked in Cubase 7.5 and no parens there either.

I was wondering that too. But it does support using AND & OR calculations realtime - hard to imagine the parenthesis being the limiting function.

Spent awhile looking at the 7.5 factory Presets for the Input Transformer. Interestingly none of them (that I saw) use the OR function. It’s either AND or nothing at all. If you only use an AND function you wouldn’t need to use parenthesis to make the logic work when you string them together.

Without parenthesis I think the only way to do this is record to six Tracks, one for each string. Each string Track would have its own Input Transformer along the lines of - Ch1 AND E3; Ch2 AND B2 etc. If you used MIDI Tracks you could use the Sends to recombine them if wanted.

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Nesting can get complex, though.

Especially if you go back to when this was originally designed… This is something that’s been around since 90s hasn’t it?

Do you know if the presets get written out somewhere into a file that could have the parenthesis applied (i.e. a bit hacky style).

True, but I don’t think the nesting would need to happen in realtime. Seems like while building a Preset the nesting could be sorted out and saved into some kind of array that would work fast. But who knows - I wonder when it was first added.

But what I really find amazing is that nobody has noticed them missing or needed them. @ChrisManuel has got a perfect use case and it’s not like MIDI Guitars haven’t been with us awhile. On the other hand I bet 99+% of the the Input Transformer’s use is to just let one MIDI Channel through (and the rest is for keyboard splits).

Sounds like the devs got it right as far as scope of function. There’s a nice sos article on it

Aaaaargh ! Completely forgot that one and I don’t even remember when I actually used it - probably several years ago, if ever. And when I need to print an effect as insert in an audio record (i.e., VST Bass Amp…), I usually put it in the involved input track, so…

But you’re right (just tested it) : the Record output to track option does filter the involved notes also in a MIDI part recording. Problem solved, I think, thanks to this.

Thanks for the reminder ! :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT : looking more closely at this, the Transformer as a MIDI plug-in does have the brackets but there is only one module available. The Input Transformer doesn’t have the brackets, but there are four modules that can work in parallel. This probably explains that…

Thanks to all. The Transformer as a MIDI insert (set to delete the open string notes) is working perfectly.