i want to convert CC in to SYSEX out with input trans… can someone explain me how to do that please ?.

anyone reading this ?

The Input Transformer (and the Logical Editor) only recognizes syses in the upper (filter) section… and, other than modifying its position, or maybe transmitting a fixed CC# or note-on, I can’t really see anything that the Logical Editor could usefully do with it (not that I have ever tried :blush: :wink:, but I doubt that parameters such as “Value 1” would have any meaning in this instance, for example. It certainly can’t convert any data into sysex, sorry.

thx for answer…
sorry not sure i understood everything.
i have a sysex adress in a synthesizer that correspond to the filter :
65 02 20 18 00 01 77 [Filter value] [Sum Check]

and i was hopping i could ask input transformer to convert modulation’s cc to send [filter value] to this sysex adress…
but i never did this

No, you can’t convert CC# data into sysex. About the only sysex-involved transforming you could do, with incoming sysex, would be to move its position, or to insert some other MIDI event (such as a fixed CC# or note-on event), upon receiving the sysex.

sysex will not record into Cubase because the midi filters in Preferences are ON by default. Turn em off.