input transformer help

Could anyone help me with this one?

I’m trying to convert breath controller CC2 to both CC1 and CC11 at the same time.

I’ve setup two modules in the input transformer, one for CC1 and one for CC11. However, only one of them seems to work at a time. If I only have one module active then either CC1 or CC11 will work but not both at the same time.

Any ideas?

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible in the Input Transformer… unlike the Transformer Insert FX, it doesn’t have an “Insert” function.
So, the answer is to use the Transformer Insert FX instead :wink:. (or maybe better still, use the Input Transformer to convert CC2 into CC1, then add a Transformer Insert FX to insert a CC11 event for every CC1 event).
Be aware, though, that means that only CC1 will actually get recorded, CC11 is only added “on the way out”.

Hi Vic. Thanks for your reply. Hope you are well :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining.

I’ll have to find another way to record them both :slight_smile:



Well, you could record just the the transformed CC2>CC1, then use the Logical Editor to do the same job as the Transformer Insert FX would have done (except that it inserts the new data into the MIDI part).

Now that sounds like a good idea! Thanks for that :slight_smile: