Input transformer: how to transform pitchbend to cc ?

Can someone explain to me step-by-step how to use Cubase’s Input Transformer to transform incoming pitchbend data from an external MIDI keyboard into an arbitrary MIDI CC?

I want to use the x,y joystick on my Korg Triton Classic to control the X,Y pad in Straylight. The Y movement is CC#1 (mod. wheel), which Straylight has already learnt.

I don’t need pitchbend (the X movement on the Triton’s joystick), so I want to transform that to an arbitrary MIDI CC that Straylight can learn.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


I also have a X-Y joystick with pitchbend on the X axis, the Y one being for CC1 (modulation) on my VMK-188+ keyboard. So, to change the incoming pitchbend messages for it, I tried the following, transforming them to CC7 (volume) ones :

Module 1

Top pane
Filter target	Condition		Parameter 1
Type is		Equal			Pitchbend

Bottom pane
Action target	Operation		Parameter 1
Type		Set to fixed value	Controller

Module 2

Top pane
Filter target	Condition		Parameter 1
Value 1		Equal			1

Bottom pane
Action target	Operation		Parameter 1
Value 1		Set to fixed value	7

Seems to work, here, the ‘7’ in the last line for the module 2 being the number of the volume controller (to be changed as wanted…). I used two modules, in this case, as apparently we cannot set two lines in the bottom pane linked by a boolean operator, but maybe I missed something. So, if you want to test what is above, be sure to activate them both…


I found how to do it with Arturia MINILAB MKii. :slight_smile:

In Cubase:
In Input Transformer for the Midi-track.
If you chose Module 1, and check that it is on, (The On-button should be in blue on the top.)

In the upper pane, set these vaules:

Filter Target: Type is
Condition: Equal
Parameter 1: Pitchbend

And in the lower pane:
Action Target: Type
Operation: Set to fixed value
Parameter1: Controller.

If you now right click on the expression fader in the VST-synth, and chose Learn MIDI CC## Automation, the Pitchwheel strip should work as an expression fader. But pitchbend will not work… :slight_smile:

You can either set the Input Transformer to the one track, or global, for all midi-tracks/instrument tracks.

For Arturia - keyboard users, in Arturia’s MIDI Control Center I set Pitch bend to:

Mode: Pitch Bend
Option: Hold
Channel: 11

Save it as a preset in MIDI Control Center, under Local Templates and then drag it up to the Memory 2 under Device Memories.

To avoid the pitch “wheel” (the small Arturias only have a pitch bend strip. So it’s perfect for expression) to go to center, you have to press Shift → Trigger Pad 2 ON THE MINILAB to activate Memory 2, that you loaded. (At least that’s what’s on the MINILAB MKii. Maybe it’s Shift - 2 on Keystep? The manual should give the answer to how to activate local templates on Keystep.)