Input Transformer info needed

RUNNING: WIN 10, CUBASE 8.5, KONTAKT 5.6, VEP PRO 6 ,RME 400, AKAI MPK88, 5 2TB 7500 DRIVES, 64 GB


Can anyone advise me where to find info on the Cubase “Input Transformer”.

The manual only states that its in the Midi Inspector. The index has nothing at all on it.

I’m curious about using this tool for setting up cc’s and Modulation functions with Kontakt instruments.




This is Cubase Pro feature only.

You can find it in the “main/name” tab of the Inspector. It’s at the same level as Record, Solo, Mute buttons are, the most right button (the arrow). This is available for MIDI and Instrument tracks only.

Thanks Martin. I wasn’t clear enough. I know where to find it. I’m looking for text on how to use it.

It is in the Plug-in reference which will refer you to the Logical Editor in the Operation Manual.