Input transformer not filtering Keyswitch Exp Map Notes?

Hi @ all,

I was fortunate to see that Cubase has also an input transformer (like in logic) in every midi channel available. So I was experimenting with a pretty complex live setup, several keyboards and wrote my own expression maps. Suddenly, after two weeks of configuration and high hopes I got shoked :blush: :astonished:

I have several “Monitor Buttons” activated on different Midi channels. As I play some music from my second keyoard (Midi out channel 2) I dont want it to play the first instrument on the 1 Midi channel. So I inserted the local “Midi input transformer” and set it to the preset “pass channel one”. Everything seems to be filtered correctly, BUT:
Although it does filter any playable notes on channels 2-16, it does never filter the keyswitch notes of my created VST expression maps. In my situation its a whole mess and I can not really understand, why the input transformer works “after” VST Expression maps. This really ruins my wokflow in this situation.

Can someone please clarify this for me or mention any possible workarounds. Is this something that might be changed in the next updates or can I somehow insert some filter BEFORE the Midi reaches Vst Expression maps ?

Thanks a lot,