Input Transformer preset won't load

Hello, I’m trying to load the Input Transformer preset “Transpose +12 on C1 pressed”, but the Input Transformer window won’t allow me access. The preset is in the folder, but when I hit the “Select Preset” arrow, nothing happens.

I searched the Steinberg’s knowledge base and found nothing. I searched her an found nothing.

Thanks for anybody who can help.


Cubase 6.03 running at 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit,

I’m a bit confused when you say “but when I hit the “Select Preset” arrow, nothing happens.”
Is it not opening the presets sub-menu? Normally you should be able to simply navigate to “Added for Version 3>Transpose+12 on C1 pressed”, then click on it to load it.
Are you having problems with any other Input Transformer preset?
If other presets are loading o.k., then maybe that preset is somehow corrupted, in which case I’ll post a screenshot of what it should look like, so that you can recreate it.

“Is it not opening the presets sub-menu?”

No, it’s not. So, I can’t access any presets.

Thanks for your response.

I hope someone can help.


Then maybe there is some corruption. Try removing your Cubase 6 Preferences folder (or Application Data folder on PC), so that it will be rebuilt on next launch.

Btw, when you say “the preset is there inside the folder”, where exactly is the folder? (it should be inside the Application Data (preferences) folder… don’t confuse that with the one inside the Program folder.

I’m going to contact Tech Support. I’m not knowledgeable enough to know if there are any unintended consequences to doing what you suggest.

Thanks for trying to help!


Hi vic_France

I didn’t see the “BTw” portion of your post when I originally posted. So, I looked around…

I looked inside the User AppData folder and none of my Cubase Midi Effects were in the Presets folder, even though they were in the Cubase 6 Presets in the Program Folder (x86) .

So, I copied the Midi Effects to the Presets folder inside AppData folder and Voila! it worked!

I am happily using my Input Transformer presets!:smiley:

Merci my man!


Great! :slight_smile: