Input Transformer / Transfomer FX Question

Simple (ish) question -

I want to map the 8 control knobs on Komplete Kontrol S49 to three hardware synths so that when I switch tracks, the knobs will only control the active track (i.e. Record Enable on Track Select ensures MIDI is only monitored on the active track as I switch between them).

They are old synths so you can’t change their controller mapping (Drum Station rack, Super Bass Station rack and AN1x). Instead of using three different MIDI templates for the S49 (or one template with different mappings for each synth) I’m looking to just transform the 8 controller numbers on the S49 to the respective controller numbers for the parameters in the synths.

However, there are only four modules in the input transformer and only four MIDI insert slots for the Transformer Insert FX.

Is there any way to either increase the number of modules or set up multiple transformations in a single module / FX instance?

Failing that, does anyone have a more elegant solution than creating additional MIDI tracks just for transforming controller numbers?


You could send the MIDI signal to another MIDI Track via MIDI Send, where you could use other Input Transformer.

But, why you don’t use 8 Quick Controls per track? You could assign different set of MIDI CCs to the Quick Controls for every single MIDI Track.mdoes it make sense to you?

Thanks, yes that does make sense - for some reason I never thought of that! I guess because I’d only ever mapped quick controls internally I’d never associated them with my external gear.